Talons Motorcycle Association
Pascagoula, MS                         

Established in 2002 as the Lakotas, In September 2006 the Talons evolved through much education and pain into a club that is based on words like dedication, loyalty, honor and respect. We are a close knit group that treat each other with dignity and respect. We do not judge a man by the bike he rides nor the money he makes. We do require commitment and dedication from all of our members, to the end, that they live and ride by a code of conduct.

The Pascagoula, Mississippi - based Talons MA is a men’s motorcycle association that is family and community oriented. While we do require commitment to the club, a patch holders family and job comes first.

While not an MC, the Talons demand  that members conduct themselves in a manner befitting an MC. Unlike most associations our colors are not bought - they are earned. And through participation and commitment to the club, a patch holder is allowed to wear his colors.

We are more than just a group of guys that get together for weekend rides. We do not consider ourselves “social riders” or “enthusiasts”.

The Talons are a local club that occasionally attend rides and runs outside our local area.

We have organized the Talons Toy Run since 2006 and raised over $60,000 toward toys that were given to deserving children in Jackson/George Counties through the Salvation Army Angel Tree program.